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 I am glad you are here!


 Thanks for stopping by! My name is Amanda, and I have always had a love for photographs. When I am not behind a camera, you can find me supporting women through arguably the most miraculous experience in life...birth. I also run a 24hr taxi and laundry service and the kitchen is always open. I am thankful I found time in my life for turning this hobby of mine into something I am proud of, something I can share with others. I've always been drawn to photographs because they hold the key to unlocking memories of the past. Moments in time often forgotten until we turn the key.  Photographs capture our story.  All unique. . .all different. . .all our own and ever changing. 

After a lot of prayer, a little thought (and a supportive husband), I finally decided to turn my hobby into something more.  I have been blessed with family and friends who have allowed me the opportunity to get comfortable behind the camera and capture their precious moments. I look forward to capturing these fleeting moments for you too.  

I prefer to photograph in natural light and on location. It can be the location you call home or a special location you and/or I choose. While I am most comfortable with seniors, family, maternity, and newborn pictures, I would love to hear from you with any other photography need you have!


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